Me Too Vinyl Decal Sticker Laptop Sticker Car Decals Yeti Tumbler Window Sticker

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Me Too Decal - Vinyl Car Decal, Laptop Decal, Yeti Decal, Tumbler Decal, Window Decal

Our decals are custom made from high quality, self-adhesive, weatherproof vinyl.

Vinyl decals are a great way to personalize water bottles, Yeti cups, wine glasses, mugs, cell phones, cars, windows, laptops or just about any smooth, non textured surface you can think of!

• If applied on dishware, hand wash only.
• Vinyl decals can be scraped off, but are NOT reusable.
• Easy to follow installation instructions and use directions are included with each order.

Order Sizing:
• All designs are not created equal, some are long and narrow, others are short and wide. So, sizing/pricing is based on the longest side of the decal.
• The size you purchase will be based on the length of the longest side of the decal.
• Please make sure the size you order is correct. If needed grab a ruler and measure the spot you intend to use your decal on.

* Photos are for reference only and may not be to scale.

All images and designs © 2005-2022

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